Cinema Advertising & Building a Brand

"Show me the money"

At Screen Vistas Cinema Advertising we make your branding message the star of the pre-movie action! With cinema attendance showing consistently strong audience growth, and box office and patronage growing significantly every year since 2014, you’ve got a growing target market with hungry eyes.

Tell your story on the biggest, brightest screens in a completely immersive environment.

No-one will fast forward past your ad, you’ve got them freshly buttered, in a dark room, with a closed door—it’s literally a captive audience.

Cinema Advertising allows you to access hard to reach audiences at scale.

Your brand messaging, at the movies, without the Hollywood budget is a marketing dream.

Growing Customer Recognition

Building a brand means growing customer recognition, better word-of-mouth marketing, increased customer loyalty, and enhanced credibility.

Let's go to the Movies

Here’s how to get the best customer engagement around

1.8 Million Admissions

of people visit the movies early to see shorts & previews

of our cinema audience are in paid employment

of cinema audience live in the main metropolitan region (Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin)

Cinema patrons have mobile devices

Cinema is proven to have FIVE times
the retention of TV advertising

*AC Nielsen 2018 Cinema Viewers Profile Report
Digital & Cinema Advertising
— The Dream Team

Here’s how to get the best customer engagement around

Co-starring together, a Cinema and Digital Advertising package will boost your results. Brand advertising is a long game, it’s an investment in future sales. With Digital Advertising (Google Ads and Social Media) you can amp up your visibility and grow your branding message and customer recognition even faster. That’s why we think a Digital & Cinema Advertising package is The Dream Team—like butter and popcorn.

Digital Advertising has Star Power

650,000 apps

Display Ads can appear on over 2+ million websites and 650,000 apps so your ad can show-up wherever your audience is

81% of Kiwi's

81% of Kiwis online use YouTube

650,000 apps

There are over 1 billion unique visitors to YouTube every month with visitors watching over 6 billion hours of video

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