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Screen Advertising

Movie-goers have higher disposable incomes which makes cinema advertising the perfect place to showcase your luxury items and build your brand

We design ads that perform using communication that evokes feeling and encourages action. We take care of everything. Our screen advertising team will get you to the movies with the right audience and a package tailored to fit your needs.


Digital and Screen Advertising

Side by Side

Grab the movie combo! Movie Combos give you a better value package and a range of options. You don’t want just the popcorn; you want popcorn and a drink for less than what they both cost separately—right?

The Screen Vistas Movie Combo is a ‘Digital & Screen Advertising’ deal. You can use your cinema content across our digital channels to create direct responsive ads and build brand retention and leads—The Dream Team.

Digital ads are an excellent way to compliment your cinema advertising beyond the big screen as well as providing audience data and insights which help you to continually improve your customer engagement

Google Display, YouTube & Social Media Ads

From the big screen to the small screen. Our digital marketing add-on helps you build your brand and promote your business beyond the cinema. You gain the benefit of a multi-layered marketing strategy using our digital experts to showcase your business to a highly targeted audience in the digital world.

Not only will you be a star in the Cinema, but you’ll be featuring online in front of your ideal digital audience.

Sponsorship + Activation Opportunities

Be the Star of your own Show!

You can host your next private function in a unique and dynamic venue tailored to your needs.

Impress your clients or reward and motivate your team with an exclusive cinema event! Take advantage of our professional catering, state-of-the-art technology, live video and satellite links.

Bring your laptop, connect to our digital projectors and put your message on the big screen to really make a scene!

We are all about supporting and engaging with our local community.

Talk to us about how we can support your next event

How We Roll

Lights, Camera, Action! Here’s how the crew at Screen Vistas can help you create your own unforgettable message with Cinema Advertising.

Cutting and editing

Bring your supplied messaging, and images for conversion to cinema specifications. Screen Vistas will enhance your content to make sure your brand messaging hits the screen like a superstar.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Let’s make a movie! Video storytelling is a star in the marketing world right now, because stories engage customers. We’ll make a storyboard, work on a script, and manage sound and voiceovers to showcase your business.

We work hard to create video content to knock your socks off, and improve your ranking and credibility

Voice Over & Content Writing

Your audience will remember you after our scriptwriting team and voiceover artists work their magic on your brand messaging.

When it comes to your advertising budget—every word counts! We’ll make sure your tone is on brand and not mumbling. Have we said too much? No, because saying too much can be terrible.

For clear, on brand messaging, let the team at Screen Vistas make you an award-winning script.